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November 05, 2007

Safari 3.0 Beta & Leopard Update

Hi folks... I know it's been really quiet around here and many of you assumed AcidSearch is dead.

Here's the deal. I spent some time recently getting the AcidSearch 0.7 beta working on both Safari 3 beta, and the final version of Safari 3 in Leopard. It's pretty buggy still, but the main features do work, so it should be a decent stopgap for those of you willing to deal with its bugs. You can download it from the following link:

Download AcidSearch 0.7 beta 2

If you are running Leopard, there's one additional caveat you should be aware of, namely that in Leopard, Apple has officially deprecated InputManagers (the way that AcidSearch adds its features to Safari). So, it likely won't work on your system when you run the installer. However, you can download Infinity Labs' PlugSuit to get the plugin running. I'm currently investigating the best alternative for a one-click installer, so please be patient.

There are several known issues with this beta that you should be aware of:

* The Recent Searches tab in the prefs is pretty much useless right now, as is the Find As You Type tab (since Safari 3 adds its own Find As You Type). I'd avoid both for the time being.

* I'm officially dropping support for Safari 1 & 2 as of this release. I will still offer older versions that are compatible, but I can't take the time to test on more than two different systems (currently a G5 running Tiger and a MacBook Pro running Leopard).

* Occasionally, a bug will crop up when rearranging channels that causes Safari to crash.

* Many buttons in the new preferences window do not actually work.

Please send your bug reports and feature requests through the following form, not through email. Bug reports and feature requests received via email will most likely be ignored. You've been warned:
AcidSearch Bug Reports

Posted by pozytron at November 5, 2007 04:56 PM