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February 01, 2005

PlaintextPaste 0.2 Preview

You can now download a preview version of PlaintextPaste 0.2 here. This new version also uses my brand-spanking-new InputManager plugin system, SparkPlug. I developed SparkPlug as an alternative to SIMBL which is a bit more powerful. It allows you to control which apps PlaintextPaste is loaded in, as well as controlling which items appear in the menu.

The other notable features in this new version of PTP are as follows: It adds the functionality of the now-defunct PlaintextCopy and introduces two new clipboard tricks, the ability to paste as 7-bit ASCII (if you don't know what that means, it probably won't interest you) and to swap the current selection with the contents of the clipboard. If a program already has the command-shift-v or command-shift-c keyboard shortcuts, PlaintextPaste will no longer hijack them. The "Copy Plain Text" item is a *little* smarter about when it enables or disables itself. You can change any of PlaintextPaste's options with the System Preferences application. Just select the SparkPlug preference pane.

Hope people find this new version useful. I will be making an official release after I contact my localizers.

Posted by pozytron at February 1, 2005 04:42 AM

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The new version doesn't seem to work for me, even in programs without a cmd-shift-v combination. I am using:
Powerbook 15",
1.5 GHz PowerPC G4,
OS X 10.3.7 .......

If you need any other info, email me.

Posted by: Alex Kadis at February 1, 2005 04:45 PM

nice tool!
But console says everxtime I start a other Prg:
CFPropertyListCreateFromXMLData(): plist parse failed; the data is not proper UTF-8. The file name for this data could be:

In that file is a "three-dots-char" (…). Delete it or replace it with real dots. No warnings anymore.

Posted by: gb at February 7, 2005 10:12 AM