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October 21, 2004

AcidSearch 0.3

I have almost finished AcidSearch 0.3. I'm still waiting on the French localization before I "officially" release it, but if you would like to, you can download a prerelease copy of AcidSearch here. Please send me any bugs you find with this prerelease so I can correct them in the final!

UPDATE: If you tried the prerelease earlier and were disappointed to find that QuickSearch didn't work, you got a bad version. An updated one has been posted and now includes a complete Japanese localization as well (thanks go to E-WA)!

UPDATE 2: 0.3 has been released, with the French localization included (I actually released it last night, but just got around to posting it on my weblog today).

Posted by pozytron at October 21, 2004 07:22 PM

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